About Pout

Hello! I'm Pout, aka poutonly.

A little about myself:

I enjoy reading and writing fanfiction, stories about characters or settings from various original works such as movies, books, tv shows, cartoons, comics, etc. I'm a big fan of fiction in general and enjoy all of the previously mentioned medias, especially Japanese animation (anime) and American television dramedies. I like fantasy and romance, even better if you take both and mix them all up together.

In terms of fanfiction, I have discovered I particularly like to "pimp out" my favorite characters, and tend to overindulge in "crack" pairings. I also dislike researching canon, so a lot of what I fic is AU (alternate universe).

I like to play around with video but have no actual training so everything comes out pretty amateurish. It's still fun though!

I've put together most of what I've spent time creating here on this site. I hope it will provide you some entertainment. Thanks for visiting!